Common Signs Of A Rat Infestation

If you suspect a rat infestation in your home, you probably seek confirmation of this suspicion as soon as possible. Rats can create much havoc in a dwelling, so getting rid of them quickly is advisable. Contacting an exterminator who is experienced in rat control is likely your best option. Before you contact a professional, you might explore several of the common indications that rats have invaded your home.

Utilize Your Sense of Hearing

If you listen closely to the sounds in your home, you may notice certain noises that are not normal. You might hear squeaking sounds coming from inside your closets or attic. You could hear the scampering of tiny feet when you open the door to your basement. If you hear noises that sound like objects being thrown from shelves, rats might be bumping into things as they run from one place to another.

Waste Matter

If rats are living in your home, they are eliminating waste in various places. Search your home for signs of rat feces, which are typically dark brown and shaped like oversized grains of rice. Rats often leave such droppings in large quantities, so identifying them is not usually difficult. Rat urine has a noticeable odor, and it can leave yellow stains on clothing and furniture.

Additional Odors

Besides the smell of waste matter, rats may leave an assortment of other odors behind. They often carry food and store it for later use, so the smell of rotting food could become obvious. Rats eat a wide range of foods, so you might smell decaying meats, vegetables, fruits or processed food products. Additionally, you may smell the odor of a rat that has died in your home. This odor is very unpleasant and should be quite noticeable.

Evidence of Chewing

Rats use their sharp teeth to chew through a variety of things, including food containers, wires, walls and cupboard doors. If you begin to see holes in your floors, ceilings, walls or cupboards, you could have unwelcome visitors in your home. A visit to your attic could reveal that insulation, ducts and even the framework of your house have been gnawed at by rats. If you find cords and wires that have been chewed, be sure to contact an electrician instead of handling them yourself.

Leave Powder in the Area

Our Secret Tip!

If your eyes, ears and nose are informing you that your home is manifesting the signs of a rat infestation, try sprinkling some powder in an area you believe they may have invaded. If you have found droppings in your pantry, sprinkle a generous amount of talcum powder on the floor. Leave some exposed food near the powder, and check the area after several hours. The best time to distribute the powder and food is before bedtime. Rats feel comfortable to roam freely when household activity is minimal. In the morning, your suspicion will be confirmed if you see tiny footprints in the powder. You may also find waste matter and food scraps near the footprints.

The suspicion that rats have infested a home is never a welcome one, but you do not need to despair. You can use your vision, hearing or sense of smell to find the signs that rats are living in your abode. If you discover that this is the case, you can hire a professional to eradicate the problem for you. An experienced exterminator will implement effective rodent control techniques, so you can resume your life and stop worrying about uninvited visitors in your home.

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