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Fall Pests to Be Aware Of

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As the vibrant colors of autumn foliage blanket the landscape, fall also heralds the arrival of a different type of visitor – pests seeking shelter and sustenance. The transition from warm summer to cool fall weather prompts various pests to seek refuge inside homes and buildings. To help you prepare and protect your property, let's explore some common fall pests you should be aware of.


As temperatures drop, ants often venture indoors in search of food and warmth. These tiny invaders can find their way into your home through the smallest openings, so be vigilant about sealing cracks and cleaning up any food residues.


Fall is prime spider season. While most spiders are harmless, some, like the brown recluse or black widow, can pose risks. Ensure your home's windows and doors have tight seals to keep these eight-legged guests out.

Stink Bugs

These aptly named pests release a foul odor when threatened or squashed. Stink bugs can invade homes in large numbers, making them a nuisance. Keep an eye out for these shield-shaped insects, and consider sealing gaps around windows and doors.

Mice and Rats

As the weather turns colder, rodents like mice and rats seek the warmth and shelter of your home. Not only can they damage property, but they also carry diseases. Regularly inspect your home for signs of rodent entry and seal any openings you find.


Cockroaches are known for their resilience and adaptability. They can infiltrate your home during the fall, particularly in search of water sources. Keeping your home clean and dry can help deter these unwelcome guests.

To prepare your home for the fall pest invasion, conduct regular inspections and maintain good hygiene practices, like proper food storage and waste disposal. Sealing any gaps, cracks, and openings that pests might use as entry points is essential. For persistent pest problems, consider seeking professional pest control services. By taking proactive measures, you can enjoy the beauty of the fall season without the unwelcome intrusion of these seasonal pests.

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