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Flying Ants? Those Could Be Termites!

Flying Ants

Termites and ants are pretty much the same biologically, their main difference being the pinched body.

If the body of the flying ants you are seeing are straight then you are seeing termites.

If the body of the flying ants are pinched and contain segmented body parts, those are ants.

Another way to tell flying ants from flying termites would be the color of their head. If the color of the head is red and has a straight body it is a drywood termite swarmer

in California Drywood Termite Swarmers appear July – November. If you believe that you are seeing flying ants or termites don’t hesitate to give us a call as damage can happen quickly.

Termite Damage to wall studs of your home can happen without you knowing!

Just the other day I as at a customers house that had several termite damage behind the walls!

So if you for what ever reason see flying ant like insects around your home contact us immediately for a free flying ant inspection. We will come out and identify the flying ants as either termites or ants and help put a plan together to get rid of them forever. Call us today!

Pest Control In General

Ants and General pest control are a specialty of Kilter Termite and Pest Control so if you are seeing any ants, spiders, crickets, silverfish or other lil bugs let us know!

The summer is here and the bugs are definitely going to be active!

If you need any help with you pest control in general I think we are the right people for you to talk to.

We are a very good sized company with over 45 employees but are small enough to be competitively priced. I am positive that you will feel right at home with our inspectors and technicians as

at Kilter, Our only goal is to exceed your expectations. pest control orange county

Thanks so much for reading my blog post, I hope you contact us for all your needs.

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