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The Drywood Termite Story

Termites do not distinguish between the wood in your home and the wood in the forest.

Small cracks and openings in the exterior of your home are an invitation to termites. Termites only need a crack 1/64″ in the exterior of your home to get in and establish a colony.

Drywood termites typically spread to infest more than one area in your home. Damage caused by drywood termites is usually hidden and not noticed until it is quite extensive and very costly to repair.

Once in, drywood termites can infest virtually any part of your home. Wood trim, siding, rafters, window frames, stairs, even picture frames and furniture.

Termites work twenty four hours per day. Like a colony of ants, “worker” termites bring food to the colony through tunnels. These tunnels are cut through the very structure of your home, work continues around the clock.

There is no way to prevent drywood termites from entering your home. The only preventative measure is to install a long lasting product into or on the timbers and the complete regular inspections.

Termites have been able to survive for over a quarter of a billion years. Due to the highly structured nature of their colonies, termites are able to adapt to changing environments.

A colony like the one pictured above could be just one of many hidden in different locations around your house

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