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Rat Entry Sizes

What most people don’t realize is that rats can contort their body to fit through about anything. Often times we may see “Holes” or “Access” points but think to ourselves “Nah, he/she couldn’t fit through there” and move on without sealing the entry point. In the video below you see an opening about the size of a quarter, near an air conditioner, that Rats have been using as an entry point. The dark staining seen on the edge and long the wall is a “Rub Mark” where the grease and dirt from their fur coat has left blemishes on the wall over time. These “Rub Marks” are what exterminators use to identify the highways and byways of the rodent population inside of homes. Contact Kilter Termite and Pest Control today to schedule your free Rodent Inspection. Our licensed inspectors will identify the rodent access points and provide a guaranteed for 2 years plan to keep them from returning.
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