Suspect in Custody After Standoff at Home Being Fumigated in Paramount

By Marc Cota-Robles, Sid Garcia and Hanna Chu
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 05:42PM
PARAMOUNT, Calif. (KABC) — After a seven-hour standoff in Paramount, a suspect was taken into custody at a house being fumigated.

Authorities responded to the home on the 15700 block of Verdura Avenue just after 5 a.m. after a fumigation alert system was set off. Deputies had reason to believe that people were still inside the home, so a SWAT team responded to the scene.

The incident quickly turned into a barricade situation, and a crisis negotiation team was called.

The SWAT team, dressed in hazmat gear, entered the home to search it. At about noon, 34-year-old Antoine Gutierrez of Paramount was located in the attic of the home and arrested for burglary.

Sheriff’s officials say the suspect is known in the area for previous drug-related crimes.

A neighbor said the home was tented for fumigation on Monday. Authorities said they plan to further investigate other tent burglaries that have happened in the area.

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