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California Brown Widow Spider

Everybody over the age of seven has heard of and feared the black widow spider. However, not many people are familiar with the black widow’s cousin, the brown widow; that is due to its relative newness to the United States. The black widow spider is highly identifiable due to it’s infamous red or orange hourglass shaped markings.

The brown widow spider, on the other hand, while still having an hourglass shape on its belly, has much more subtle markings. Additionally, the markings on a brown widow spider’s markings have much more variety in how they can be patterned. While, the brown widow spider still has the hourglass shape on its belly, the mark is not nearly as defined is never bright red like that of the black widow spider. Instead, the brown widow’s mark will stay in the orange range. The brown widow also has other markings that its more well known cousin does not have. The brown widow has light colored markings on the back part of its abdomen. The most common miss identification of the brown widow is between it and the adolescent black widow. If you see a spider and believe it to be a brown widow you can always use brown widow spider pictures or brown widow spider videos as a visual aide.

Even though the name of the brown widow is daunting because of its relation to the black widow, the severity of a bite from this species is much lower than that of a black widow. While the venom contained in a brown widow’s bite is about the same toxicity as in the bites of other species of widows, the bite itself is not as threatening as others due to either the fact that less venom is injected at the time of the bite or because the brown widow does not produce and store as much venom in its body. The two main symptoms of a brown widow spider bite are that the bite hurt when it was initially given and that it left a red mark at the site of the bite. However, some brown widow spider information, just a single case, shows that if a severe bite goes untreated it can result in hospitalization from worse symptoms.

Brown widow spider pictures show this creepy crawler occupying the same areas as black widow spiders do, a nesting style that may help to lower the overall risk of serious injury or death due to spider bites in the geographical locations that the brown widow resides. Brown widows are currently living in the southeastern states between Texas and South Carolina. Brown widows like to hide in similar, however slightly more exposed, areas to the black widow. Brown widows like to set up camp in, for example, mailboxes, storage closets, under outdoor furniture, in garages, and on iron fences.

Brownn widows choose these areas because of, obviously, their exclusion but also because the smaller insects that they like to eat tend to choose these areas as well. Young brown widows eat flightless fruit flies and pinhead crickets; adult brown widows eat crickets and some other larger insects.

Pest Control Orange County – Kilter Termite and Pest Control

When you have either a suspicion of a brown widow infestation or several of the calling signs for them, meaning a lot of the areas they enjoy are in or around your home, consider calling Kilter Termite And Pest Control, located in Orange, CA. Kilter is a highly rated pest control provider that will keep your family safe and undisturbed by any gross eight legged pests. You can contact Kilter Termite and Pest Control if you are unsure and need more brown widow spider information. Kilter Pest Control can also provide brown widow spider videos or pictures for your convenience.

DIY Pest Control – Brown Widow Spiders

I thought this was funny and thought I would Share. Kilter Termite and Pest Control does not recommend this form of pest control for obvious reasons, but if your like me and the family alarm has been rang to a spider sighting, quite often this is our most available and used weapon in the moment. Call Kilter To prevent having to DIY spider control

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