How Do I Get Rid Of Flying Termites?

What do I do about flying termites

Here are some common questions we get asked during swarming season.

I am seeing flying termites

Pest Control specialists all over Southern California , especially in Los Angeles and Orange County, have been facing a dry wood termite swarm that has intensified over the last few days. If you have been seeing what is often described as flying red ants with black bodies you might just be seeing flying termites inside the house (or outside)!

Do flying termites bite?

Flying termites don’t bite or at least I have had no personal experience with them biting anyone but do look gross and nasty , I don’t suggest picking them up and testing if they bite but they are not so aggressive that they would attack you or your children during swarming.

Can I spray flying termites with Raid?

Yes. They will however swarm harder and with more intensity if you spray chemicals on them. So don’t hit them with the Raid unless you have to MOMS! They will freak out and rush out BEFORE they die leaving a mess of dead bodies every where. The ones that exit without being hit by the spray will infest your house. Much better to tape the hole than to spray the termites swarming with chemicals or Raid.

What do I do about flying termites?

Honestly, call a termite control company. The inspection is free and the inspector is state licensed to actually tell you where they are and were they went or are headed to. This is important in determining if you need to tent fumigate the house for termites.

if I have termites will I have to tent the house?

No, not necessarily the inspection will let the state licensed inspector assess the situation and make the decision based off of the colony size, location and chances of possible reinfestation.

If I tent my house will termites come back ?

Yes, that’s why the inspection is so Valuable. Areas with surrounding trees and stumps that naturally get termite infestations will attack your home annually. Fumigation in this scenario while complete in treatment is silly in practical sense as the newly terminated house will get attacked soon after the tent fumigation is completed.

How can I prevent termites or at least prevent termite damage?

Annual service, only way. You have to be inspected annually as more than likely between the subterranean Termites in Spring or The Drywoods in late Summer, your home is under Constant attack. That’s why fumigation in Los Angeles and Orange County is futile as damage can occur in as little as 2 years! Imagine fumigating every two years trying to prevent termite wood damage.

What options are there for flying termite control ?

Kilter Termite and Pest Control’s KILguard System allows homeowners to stay in their home during treatment , no move out! The system doesn’t require the heavy tarps that damage your roof causing leaks and unsightly broken tiles. There’s no oxygen robbing Gas with a lingering odor so there will not be any gross smells. The system offers complete termite coverage killing and protecting the home against both types of termites.

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