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Started Seeing Rat Poop In The Garage

I started Seeing Rat Poop in The Garage

So I was doing laundry one day and noticed these little black poops in the corner of the garage. I thought nothing of it at first until the pile of poops continued to grow and start to smell. The final straw was when I noticed the rats were not only pooping but bringing in food to eat in the garage while pooping.

I knew then the rats were eating and pooping in my garage

So I swept up the poops and the tomato peelings ( they seemed to really enjoy the tomatoes from the garden next door. I would be sure that the neighbors are upset something keeps eating their tomatoes but I never talk to them. It seemed as soon as I swept up the poops more poops would come.

So I tried Trapping The Rats Myself

I decided that they now had crossed the line. The garage was starting to smell, the poops were everywhere every day like they were just running around pooping to piss me off. So I was like F This, I am trapping these rats myself

Glueboards and Traps Oh My!

I used these glue boards and traps with peanut butter on them, I was super excited because I placed these items in high traffic areas of the rats (areas with lots of poops and tomatoes). I left that night knowing I had the bastards. I came back that same night to find hair and poops in the traps and no rat! He ate the damn peanut butter and then pooped on the glue board somehow.

Rat Exterminator Services in Orange County

My wife at this point got involved and I knew where it was headed. A professional rat exterminator service, Someone local preferably She likes local businesses and Kilter Termite and Pest Control Seemed like a natural fit as we have used them in the past for termite control.

They Killed the rats and Plugged the Holes

They came out and used their “Rodex Rat Control System” found here Rat Exterminator Companies in Los Angeles and Orange County They claim to have a 2 year warranty against rats and mice so we shall see how that all works out.

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