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Roaches In Hotels?

Stay At The Roach And Ant Hotel

I was really looking forward to this trip, but so many things went wrong, and the biggest thing I remember, was the ants. We went to Orange County, California, because we wanted to go to Disneyland. We were all so excited about going and we had already booked a hotel in advance, and it was right across the street from Disneyland. When we got there, we checked in, and because it was already late at night, we just went to sleep. It wasn’t until after we went to Disneyland the next day; we had even had dinner at Denny’s, then we came back to the hotel, to find that we had an ant problem. It wasn’t a few either, there were tons of them

Roaches in The Hotels

The line of ants started in the small kitchen, and went through the dining room, and outside to the small balcony. They pretty much stayed in the line that they had created, but it was just crazy! They were carrying little pieces of food, like they were stocking up for a long winter! No matter what we did, or sprayed, they just kept coming back. We tried to ignore them, because we were going to be there for a couple weeks, but they just kept coming back. The hotel was not doing anything about it that was effective, and no matter how much we hid and covered the food, they would find it. Anywhere we stashed it, they would be in the food, dragging it with them, like treasures they found, and were bringing back to their nest!

We got to a point, we thought we should invite them all to Disneyland with us, because they just insisted on staying, and they weren’t even helping with the hotel bill! It didn’t get any better, when we also found a few roaches in the room. There was just too much going on, and we got fed up, and asked for our money back, for the days we paid in advance; at that time was had one week stay left. The hotel manager agreed, but they were rushing us out with no concern about our plight. We did want to stay in the vicinity of Disneyland, so we could easily catch a shuttle, as opposed to renting a car, but it was inevitable. We ended up staying in the Los Angeles area, and it was a ways from Disneyland, but we did continue to go to Disneyland on our passes, but now it was by car.

Ants Everywhere

When we checked into a location that was some miles from the airport; what do you know, another ant problem, and the roaches didn’t stay away either. It didn’t make sense to ask for another refund, or even move around, we knew we had to just deal with what the situation was. Every day that we came back to the hotel, there was a different incident. One day we found a huge roach in the toilet, it had crawled in there, I guess by some curious need to see what toilet water felt like, to wade in. It was saved from being urinated on, because the first person to see it, looked into the toilet bowl, before actually using it.

Another time when we came back, some food that we had left on the counter, but it was scarcely covered, ended up with not only a bunch of ants in there, but it look like a roach also joined in the festivities, and was sharing in the spoils of the day. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought these were the same roaches and ants, from the first hotel. Maybe because they had made themselves at home, in our first hotel, they just felt it was okay to follow us to our next hotel location! Boy, I can’t stand, followers! I may have enjoyed my trip overall, but staying in the hotels, was a nightmare because of the pests.

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