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The Gigantic Roach Mystery

Most individuals who own a home, rent, or have some type of property are proud to keep this area clean and have it looking nice. Needless to say I am somewhat of a “clean freak” and I pride myself in maintaining a neat and proper home for me and my family members to enjoy and feel comfortable with. However, one day I noticed that there was some weird droppings on my kitchen counter and I nearly fainted simply from the surprise itself. And thus, the mystery of the gigantic roach began from that day onward.

At first, I attempted to locate the pest myself and I originally thought that the droppings had to come from a large animal such as a rat or mouse, however, one night to my surprise as I was finishing up some dishes, I spotted it. The most enormous and disgusting roach that I have ever seen. I didn’t quite know how to even handle this large insect being in my presence, so I did what any respectable forty year old mother of four would do and I screamed, jumped on top of the nearest counter top, and waited for my husband to arrive and save the day. Of course, by the time that he did waltz into the area, the ginormous insect had fled. Then, I felt as if he would think me crazy as I began to describe just how large this roach was. I had to get everyone in my family to believe my tale, so I decided to seek out professional help and began to research Pest Control Orange County options.

I began my search for Pest Control Orange County options by combing the web for various companies and businesses who specialized in evaluating a home for various pests as well as pest removal options. I was surprised at just how many extermination companies were available for me to choose from, and this did make my task a little harder as I was unsure of which one to eventually go with and hire.

I ended up visiting each of the Pest Control Orange County webpages and finding out more about each business in that manner. This was helpful for me and did not take up too much of my time in the day. I also felt as if it helped me see various prices and packages, which also may have helped influence my final decision on the matter. I called up three that I had narrowed down and asked if any offered a free consultation first visit. I found one Pest Control Orange County company who did offer this and decided to go with them.

They came out for the free consultation and look of my home the next day and I was surprised at how quickly they located and took care of that ginormous roach that no one in my family had believe me about. What a relief it was to know and be validated that I had indeed witnessed such a creature in our home. I was so relieve to have a professional safeguard and protect our home. I will forever be grateful to that company and will continue to hire Pest Control Orange County businesses should I need them in the future for another funny tale.

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