Interior Tips For Pest Management & Termite Control

In our previous article, we took a look at three things a homeowner can do to improve termite control and help manage pest and rodent presence in their yards. Today, we’re going to continue National Pest Management month with an article on tips that will help you with termite control and general pest management that are applicable inside the house:

  • Keep Kitchens Clean – Kitchens, and the food residue left behind in them, are a primary source of food for all sorts of pests, rodents, and insects. It is important to maintain good sanitation practices in the kitchen, including regularly wiping counters down, and frequently emptying the garbage.
  • Evaluate Food Storage – Food storage areas are another place that should be addressed in any plan attempting to aid in termite control or pest management. Keep food containers sealed at all times, and inspect the area regularly for rodent droppings or other indicators of the presence of pests of any kind.
  • Check Trash Area – You’ll also want to carefully monitor the area where you store trash – both inside the home and out. While watching your trash doesn’t really help with termite control as their source of food is wood, it is an integral element of dealing with other forms of pests and vermin. Keep your trash containers clean, close and seal them when refuse is inside, and regularly disinfect them as well.
  • Add Screens to Windows/Doors – Another tips that won’t help with termite control but can be important for other types of pests, particularly stinging insects. Adding screens can help you enjoy fresh air without asking hundreds of pests to move on in at the same time.
  • Call the Pros – Perhaps the most important tip of all when it comes to pest management or termite control is to know when to call the pros. As an untrained homeowner, there are plenty of preventive things you can do in order to minimize your risk, but to deal with real infestations is often more than you can handle on your own.

Thanks for visiting us here at the Kilter Termite and Pest Control blog during National Pest Management month. If you would like more information about pests and pest management, visit the NPMA’s website here.

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