Apartment Roaches Love Air Conditioning

I recently moved from my home in Washington state where I had lived for my entire life and I decided to move to California. I’m not one who is fond of the heat, but because of the new job, I was willing to do anything to make it work out. California has Disneyland and lots of fun places to go and enjoy yourself, especially if you have kids, even though I don’t have any. I was not given any accommodations by my new job, so I had to find my own. I looked online and found a place that said he was clean, safe, and had two bedrooms. I thought it was just as good as any other place, and it was close to where I was going to be working, so I made arrangements and ended up taking the place.

Apartment Roaches

I looked over the apartments, and I like the accommodations, so I put down my deposit, sign the lease, and I arranged for the moving van that I had previously sought back home, to bring my items before the weekend. I was so excited and couldn’t wait for my first night in my new place. I had an inflatable bed that I put into my bedroom to sleep on until my things came that weekend. I had no use or current plans for the second bedroom, but they were having a special, and you get a two-bedroom apartment cheaper than a one bedroom, so to me it was a no-brainer. I was very tired from the long day, so I decided to head to bed early. Because of the heat I found it hard to sleep, so I just went ahead and turned on the air conditioning.

By turning on the air conditioning I think that is what unleashed the hell on to me that I experienced. The air-conditioning vent in my bedroom was overhead and I noticed shortly after turning it on, a smell that was coming through it. After getting over the smell, I did try to go to sleep, but in the dark I could see what look like black spots around the air-conditioning vent. The spots were incredibly big, so I will he turn on the light, to see that they were not spots, but roaches actually filing out of the air-conditioning vent. There was so many of them, not only could I not count them, they were starting to scurry all over my floor and wall.

I was upset

I was furious, I was told that the place was safe and clean, and to find out that it’s full of bugs, and they are in the air-conditioning vent, it made me so mad. I decided to take it up with the management the next day after work. I got off work in the early afternoon and went straight to management and reported my problem and they told me that they would call the company Pest Control Orange County. I asked if it was possible to get a another apartment, since my things had not come yet and they refused. They claimed that they were full, but I really feel like they were just lying and did not want to accommodate me.

I reluctantly went back home and it was the worst site. I had forgotten to turn off the AC before I went to work, and every single air-conditioning vent in my apartment had roaches surrounding it. They literally were having a festival in my apartment. I was astonished and disgusted. I tried to take careful steps towards my bedroom so I would not squish any, but no such luck. I got back to my bedroom and checked the bottom of my shoes and it was awful, it looks like a really bad mayonnaise that had gone over and developed dark spots!

I threw myself on my bed and started crying; bad idea, the roaches were even under my sheets, and I didn’t find out until they started crawling up my legs, my chest, and even into my hair. Pest Control Orange County, couldn’t come soon enough! I rolled out of the bed and onto the floor to get the pesky little bugs off of me, but only ended up with more running up and down my body, after I landed on the floor. I didn’t know what to do, I packed up what little I had and went off to a hotel. I will wait until pest-control comes before I go back to that roach motel. I can’t believe they call this place sun and fun!

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