Mice In The House?

We had just inherited a house from a dead relative in Orange County and I was anticipating the move from our old house. It had taken us weeks to pack everything in our old home and get the moving company to come and pick it up. We were moving out of a two story townhouse and into a 5000 square foot home in Orange County, site unseen. Not only was I excited for moving out of my smaller home into a bigger one, I was ecstatic about the area. We were leaving from Washington State where it was very cold, to Orange County, where it stays warm pretty much year-round. We had arrived the same as the moving truck by plane, and went straight to the house.

We moved in on a Tuesday and the movers had everything unpacked from the truck by early evening, so we got pizza and decided to just take it easy for the evening. I did have the movers put things in certain rooms, but overall, everything was still in boxes and unpacked. We all gathered around in the kitchen and started eating the pizza and it wasn’t until one of the kids threw some of the pizza crust into the garbage, that the garbage can tipped over onto the floor. It’s something I would’ve picked up right away, but being hungry and tired, I didn’t notice it. What made me notice the pizza crust on the floor? Well a little mouse came scurrying out of God knows where, and picked up the crust!

I didn’t see it coming

I didn’t even notice when that happened! It was my little daughter who pointed and said, “look mommy, a new pet”, which made me quickly looked down, because we have no pets! I screamed for dear life when I saw a mouse, and I literally jumped onto the kitchen island and started screaming for my husband to kill it. It ran away and disappeared somewhere in the kitchen, but no matter how long he searched, we could not find that thing for the life of us. The first thing I did was look up pest control. After doing some searching I was pointed towards Pest Control Orange County. Because it was so late in the evening, I knew that I would get no answer, so I made it a point to call first thing in the morning.

What a fool I was think that the morning would come so peacefully, and we could just call pest control and get rid of this problem! I was too terrified to stay in the kitchen, so I took my pizza out to the living room and sat on one of the misplaced couches, and tried to finish eating my food. I then heard the doorbell ring, so I put the pizza in the plate down on the couch and went to answer the door. It was our neighbors, who had just seen the moving truck leave, and wanted to welcome us to the neighborhood. I was a bit irritated because it was about 8 o’clock at night, but who am I to hate on neighbors that are trying to be friendly! After the quick chat, I went back to eat my pizza, only to find it gone!

Don’t Judge Me

I immediately thought of my daughter or son, and was not too happy that one of them took mommy’s food, so I went looking for them, and none of them were even downstairs. I called after them, and my husband said he was going to give them baths. Where could my pizza have gone then? I looked around to see the last bit of my pizza rounding the corner of the hallway out of the living room. I looked down the hallway terrified to see a mouse; not even the same color exactly as the first one, running away with my food! I screamed for my husband and he came instantly and was able to follow the mouse to its hiding place, because the slice of pizza had slowed it down.

It went in through a hole and when my husband got to the room where that hole led into, we were surprised to see literally a room filled with mice running back and forth. The room had been locked up and had a terrible smell to it, so obviously hadn’t had much use. I had had enough for the night. We locked the door, put something up against the hole, and slept barely through the night. First thing in the morning I called pest control, because there is no way that I’m going to deal with all those mice for another minute!

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