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Rat Exterminator Methods

My children mean the world to me, but as most parents know, children can oftentimes some inventive imaginations when they are younger. So, when my youngest informed me that we had a rodent visitor in our home about a week ago I thought nothing of it. After all, I keep a tight and clean ship in my home so there was no way that a crawling rodent would have gotten out of my eyesight.

However, to my horror I saw the creepy rodent she was referring to one afternoon. I was in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes from the dinner and I suddenly heard a rustling behind me. There it was, the rodent that my child was speaking about. I nearly dropped the dish that I had in my hand. When I made a sudden startled movement the rodent disappeared from sight rapidly.

This is when I decided that I needed some professional assistance, however, I did not want the rodent to be killed. I decided to contact Pest Control Orange County and see what my options were in regards to these terms.

Searching For a Rat Exterminator

I looked up the various pest control companies that were in the Orange County area and was actually very surprised that there were so many to choose from. Again, because I had very specific terms that I wanted in terms of the pest control services, I needed to make sure that I found a business that I was comfortable in working with.

My children were adamant about not hurting the rodent and I couldn’t imagine hurting them by having someone come out to exterminate the issue. The rodent looked very scared and I can imagine just wanted to be set free.

Pest Control Orange County

I decided to call up all of the companies that were in a fifteen mile radius from my home. I inquired about the services that they offered and explained to them my unique situation. I had a few companies tell me that they could not set the rodent free. However, the last company on my list was very accommodating to my needs. They assured me that their experienced professionals would come out and assess the situation. I scheduled Kilter Termite and Pest Control because of their Rodex System.

They also offered me a free initial consultation appointment where I could speak with the professional who would be servicing my home, ask further questions, and feel comfortable with the services that would be performed. They had sent out a man by the name of Mo who was very polite and knowledgeable, while he couldn’t guarantee no kill, he offered less lethal methods that would have a better shot at the rodent being kept alive.

I scheduled the Rat Control Information and Consultation and was pleasantly surprised with how knowledgeable my service professional was. He answered all of my questions and then some. He assured me that he would not harm the rodent and would donate him to the animal shelter in hopes he finds a home.

Trapping Not Killing

Overall, this was a great experience from top to bottom with Kilter Termite and Pest Control. Although I am not too keen on having a crawling rodent in my home. I think that it is also important to realize that these creatures are living animals. Thus, it is not always necessary to exterminate them. You can find such professionals by simply doing your research and following up on what services each companies offer.

Call Kilter Termite and Pest Control

Consider calling these pest control companies and getting acquainted with the professionals in your area so that you feel more comfortable with the entire process. It is a good idea to do so in order to know that you have chosen someone that you know will take care of the issue on your terms. Start your search for a pest control service in your area and get acquainted with what these companies can offer you should you have a pest issue in the future. I did and I am so glad that I took the time to do my own research.

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