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4 Tips For Effective Termite Prevention & Protection

If you just moved in to an area affected by termites and do not have direct experience with them, you may be asking yourself ‘Is termite protection worth it?’ Do I even need termite prevention? The short answer is yes, you do. A little bit of time and effort invested into termite prevention can help you avoid potentially thousands of dollars in damage and repair costs. We’ve got termite prevention tips for you today that every homeowner can take advantage of:

• Watch the Mulch – All mulches – even those made of inorganic materials – can provide protection and cover for termites. This means you will want to keep any mulch or material you may use in landscaping a good 12” away from the foundation of your home. Doing so is a simple and effective termite prevention technique.

• Elevate and Keep Siding Clear – In climates which support termites, making sure the siding of your home stays at least 6” above soil or ground level is another effective termite prevention technique. Also avoid digging up the foot of soil within 12” of the perimeter of the house if it was treated for termite prevention, otherwise you risk creating new avenues of approach to your property.

• Plan for Landscaping – If you use plants, bushes, or shrubs in your landscaping, remember that they might be much larger in 10 or 15 years. Make sure you plan for the growth and maturation of your landscaping so that it won’t become a problem in the future that can help termites attack your home undetected.

 Regular Inspections – Last but not least, you’ll want to arrange for regular inspections of your property by a licensed professional. You can check yourself by looking at sheetrock, paneling, and the foundation of your home, but a pest control professional such as Kilter Termite can do the job much more reliably and efficiently.
Following these four tips for termite prevention can do a lot to mitigate potential risks of an infestation for your property. So if you have been wondering is termite protection worth it, consider the difference in hassle and time spent between these quick and simple preventative procedures and paying thousands of dollars to restore the woodwork of your home. The choice should be clear. Call Kilter Termite today for your free pest inspection.

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