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Four Great Reasons To Get A Free Termite Inspection From Kilter Termite

A free termite inspection can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.  If you are unfortunate enough to live in an area susceptible to termite infestation, you likely understand that they are a problem; perhaps you have even heard that you are supposed to schedule a free termite inspection from time to time.  However, you may not fully understand how serious they can be until you have personally witnessed the damage they can cause for yourself.  Kilter Termite offers a free termite inspection that you should take advantage of on a regular basis to ensure that your home is kept free of these dangerous and costly insects.  Here are four great reasons to regularly seek out a free termite inspection for your property:

  • Termite Damage Not Covered By Insurance – Check your homeowners’ policy; you may find that termite damage is not covered without a special additional rider, which can cost several hundreds of dollars a year.  The simple, preventative care of regularly employing a free termite inspection from a trusted provider like Kilter Termite eliminates the need for this entirely.
  • Early Discovery Equals Better Solutions – The earlier an infestation is discovered, the simpler, more effective, and less costly the solutions to the problem.  If your home receives a free termite inspection regularly, you are almost guaranteed to catch any infestation early on in the colony life cycle, giving you maximum choice in solution at minimum cost.
  • Convenient Eradication – If you get your free termite inspection from a firm like Kilter Termite, you won’t need to evacuate your property in order to eradicate the problem.  Kilter is able to offer solutions which clear out the termites without requiring you or your family to vacate the premises for days, place a huge, garish bag over your home, and massive disrupt your lives.
  • Great During Purchase/Sale of Property – Having a free termite inspection performed as part of the overall home inspection process when buying or selling a piece of property is a great way to protect yourself from purchasing a property that may be hiding an expensive secret.  If a realtor is responsible for making the home inspection arrangements, specifically request that termites be looked for.

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to having a free termite inspection performed by Kilter Termite for your property.  Catching infestations early can literally mean tens of thousands of dollars in damage saved, along with untold hassle.  Contact a reliable, professional pest control company like Kilter and schedule your inspection today.  Take a look at some other pictures of subterranean termite infestation:

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