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Ro-Dex Rat Control System-Old

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Please use the automated form below to generate a request for a free inspection estimate and one of our talented staff members will contact you directly within a few minutes. If you would like to contact us immediately you can do so via our toll free number at 1-866-836-7767, where we’d be happy to assist you. Please Use this Request Service if unavailable to call us regarding your issue. Kilter Termite and Pest Control has been in business for over twenty years providing homeowners a way to prevent pests. Call today and ask how RO-DEX can help you not only kill rats and mice put prevent them from returning.

Our System Is the Only System That Can Offer

-Longest Guarantee against future rodents in the industry (2 YEARS)
-Return Your Home to Original Condition before the rodents contaminated it
-Construction Grade Materials that rodents cannot “chew” through to re-enter
-No Poisonous or Harmful Materials will be used to remove the rodents.

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