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Cockroaches Live Under The Sink

For over 22 years Kilter Termite and Pest Control has been helping homeowners rid their homes of pests. There is a lot to controlling cockroaches, with most people attempting to rid themselves of the issue with over the counter pure contact kill poisons. Here is one frightening tale one of our customers shared with The Best Pest Control Technician Taqi. Thanks so much for what you do Taqi!

I consider myself a mild-tempered woman but after dealing with roaches, I now consider myself Terminator Woman. This story may sound funny and maybe it is but if you’ve ever had to deal with roaches in the dead of winter, you’ll know what I mean and perhaps sympathize with me.

It all began on a cold November day last year as I was making up my list for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. It was going to be a time for family and friends and my husband and I were looking forward to it. My husband was at work and I sat in the living room making my list. I had to go into the kitchen to check on my supplies and that is when I SAW a very large cockroach. Well, being the clean woman that I am, I nailed that sucker right on the counter and he or she died a quick death.

I looked around in the kitchen and saw no more. I thought, “Well, maybe that was a fluke; perhaps no more.” Of course, anyone who knows roaches knows that if you see one, there are many more hiding; just waiting to come out. Well, I let it go and returned to my list. Later, it was getting close to supper; so I decided to go out and prepare something to eat.

That is when I saw another roach. This time the little “tyke” was faster than a speeding bullet and escaped the swat I was preparing. I looked into my lower shelf and saw not one, not two, not three; but 10 cockroaches and they were all over some wrapped up cookies. Being terrified of any kind of bug that moves and shows signs of life, I did what any woman in her right mind would do. I screamed bloody murder! Apparently, my shouting scared the little buggers a bit and they scrambled.

Early the following day, I went directly and I do mean directly, to my local retail store and bought a can of bug spray specifically made to kill roaches. I was careful how I used it, followed the directions to the letter and it seemed to do some good. Of course, I first had to remove most everything from the shelves, clean everything good and then let the shelves air out.

Everything seemed to go well; that is, until two days later when several more showed up. I was starting to get really ticked off. I thought they were gone and here they were again. Again, I cleared out the shelves, make sure the cookies and other ingredients were sealed up tight and then put down some roach baits. This time, I thought, there will be good results! I have to say that for about seven days, I didn’t see one roach. I was starting to get cocky. “Hey young woman, you’ve got this under control! You are good! You are the woman!”

Of course we all know what happens what we get cocky, right? Sure enough about eight days later the roaches increased and once breakfast was over and after my husband left —of course, bad things always happen when you’re alone– I saw what had to be hundreds of cockroaches on my counters, inside the cupboards and on the floor. Well, I just about lost it!

That did it for me! I did what I could for several days but it wasn’t enough. I called a local pest control company and that afternoon, they arrived, looked at my kitchen and told me that sterner measures would have to be taken to get rid of them. He told me that even the cleanest of homes can have them and that roaches love food and water and that they are very sturdy creatures. Well, I didn’t need a genius to tell me that! Anyway, they took charge, made an inspection and then applied Permethrin dust. Days later, they came back, made another inspection and now I am roach free.

Of course, I am going to follow what they told me to do as far as being careful about where I store food and water and seal up any cracks and crevices. So, if you notice cockroaches in your home, don’t let them get you down. Call a pest control company and let them terminate those cockroaches! For more information on cockroaches, check out (866) 827-1727

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