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Water Conservation: KILGUARD California Select

California has entered its 5th year of what is being considered the worst drought in California’s history. With each Californian attributing to 105 gallons of water use per day*, California’s sharpest drought on record has its increasingly desperate lawmakers scrambling for solutions*. Governor Jerry Brown has mandated 25 % cutbacks in water consumption and raised the fines to water wasters from $500 to $10,000** Governor Brown’s latest Budget would require advanced monitoring and water use reporting information given to the state annually.

With Summer and Drywood Termite Season approaching us, tens of thousands of homeowners not wanting to fumigate their homes for Drywood termites will enlist the services of professionals using water based termiticides. The KILGUARD CS system uses 50% less water Compared to other alternative to fumigation methods. If every Termite Control Company in California Switched the KILGUARD California Select System, savings of over millions of gallons could be achieved. Last year alone Kilter Termite and Pest Control used over 20,500 Gallons of water in this period. The introduction of the KILGUARD CS (California Select) System has allowed Termite Control Companies the ability to contribute back vital water resources to the state and residents.

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