Giant Ants With Wings? Termite Swarming Season

Drywood Termite Swarming Season: Act Now Or Pay Later

The swarming season for termites for drywood termites is upon us, and it is the time of year that you need to look out for the signs of termites in your home. Drywood termites will seem to be a little more pesky during this time of the year, but it is also the best time of the year to discover exactly how bad of a termite problem your home has. It is important to be vigilant because the drywood variety of termite can be very destructive not only to your foundation, but rather can establish colonies throughout the structure of your home.

Pay Attention to the Signs

Remember the signs of drywood termites in your home:

● The insects themselves are attracted to light, and at night they will be found swarming around light sources such as lamps or television screens
● You may find dead insects or their wings along windowsills, as they are prone to colliding with windows and dislodging their wings
● Wood within your home may have tiny holes where the termites have bored into the wood. Since they tend to chew the wood from the inside out these small holes can be an indication of much greater internal damage

These are drywood termites who fly out seasonally to reproduce into new colonies, Most homeowners liken them to “Ants with wings”

Free Inspections Available

There are many termite inspection companies that offer a free termite inspection in orange county ca, so there is no excuse to not give them a call and get a free inspection. Failure to properly address an infestation of drywood termites can cause irreparable damage to your home. Unlike the subterranean variety of termites – which need access to the soil under a home for their colonies – drywood termites can move freely throughout a home, causing many potentially dangerous conditions including:

● Damaging studs in walls which can lead to walls sagging or even collapsing
● Damaging rafters in attics leading to roof leakage or collapse
● Damage to wooden floors that can lead to holes in floors, trips and falls, or heavy furnishings breaking through floors

A licensed inspector inspects the roof line for termite infestation.

Inaction Can Be Expensive

Given the astounding amount of damage that these little insects are capable of, they do not qualify as much as a pest as they do a menace. Keep in mind that although you may only see a swarm of five or less insects, there may be thousands that you do not see living inside the wood of your home. Their swarming activity is actually a migratory activity, moving from one sector of your home to another. Therefore, if you see any evidence of drywood termite swarming you need to realize that they may have only been in your woodpile outside but are not making a home in your wall or rafters. Failure to act at the first sign of a drywood termite infestation can result in severe damage to your home which result in extensive repairs or a complete renovation.

If you suspect that you have an infestation during this swarming season for termites, click here to contact a local orange county termite company for a free termite inspection.

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