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Drywood Termites Swarm In House

If you suspect that your home has a termite infestation because of a recent swarm in house, you may be a little confused about where to start. A good place to begin is to determine if your home has an infestation of traditional subterranean termites or if the colony of insects is actually comprised of drywood termites. Both Termites swarm in the house.The pest control company will be glad to have this information if it comes time to fumigate your home, because Drywood Termite Control varies from the steps taken to control the infiltration of subterranean termites. These are the questions that you should be asking to get the answers that you need.

Q. What is the difference between drywood termites and subterranean termites swarming?

A. The main difference is that the subterranean termites need soil to burrow under your home, whereas the Drywood variety can make a home of any wood in your home and swarm at certain times of the year. The swarms are usually different color heads. Subterranean are black, Drywood are red headed.

Q. How are the two types of termites similar?

A. Both feed on wood and convert it into cellulose material for consumption, which can cause extensive damage to the wood in your home. Although subterranean termites tend to cause a great deal of damage to foundations, studs, and walls, drywood termites are just as likely to be found in your furniture or in books.

Q. What are some signs that I am dealing with drywood termites?

A. Drywood termites are known to leave behind droppings that look like specks or coffee grounds in such places as windowsills or below lamps. You may also find detached wings left behind. When they are swarming they are easier to see at night as they will fly around light fixtures in large groups. Termites will swarm in the house when the colony is fully mature to relocate the colony to new infestation areas!

Drywood Termite Control

If you determine that the infestation is that of drywood termites, you want to hire the best Termite Company that you can find. Many pest control companies provide a Free Termite Inspection and you should certainly take advantage of that. Some signs that you may need to get inspected include the aforementioned signs of drywood termite infestation. Keep in mind these important details when deciding if you need to seek professional help for termites. Termites swarm inside the house when fully mature

  • Observe the damage: Although Drywood Termites seem to damage your home more slowly than the subterranean variety, they can spread through the home faster and damage more parts of the house including wooden furnishings.
  • Look for the signs: Drywood Termites leave little pin-sized holes in your wood where they entire and exit. The more visible holes there are the more invisible damage is inside the wood of your home.
  • Do not procrastinate: Although the damage can seem to be progressing slowly, the infestation is constantly getting ready for its next swarm, which can spread the infestation dramatically.

If you have noticed any of the signs of termite swarming please contact a reliable Termite Company well versed in pest control as soon as possible. With the right company it may be possible to schedule a Free Termite Inspection today, and help to assure your property values and your peace of mind.  Source :

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